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To be the premier, pioneering financial partner of the Indonesian microfinance sector, promoting innovation and massive outreach to those lacking access to financial services.

Bank Andara’s primary business objectives are twofold:

dots To catalyze large-scale outreach to millions of Indonesians lacking access to the financial sector by providing innovative financial products and services to and through microfinance institutions.
dots To maximize the value of its shareholders’ investments, while creating a long-term, profitable financial institution.

Bank Andara’s primary operational objectives are to:

dots Increase MFI access to a range of responsive financial products and services on a massive scale.
dots Incorporate technology and international best practices to expand the range of services available through MFIs.
dots Facilitate a more efficient flow of funding to the Indonesian microfinance sector.
dots Provide a commercial banking partnership platform to help develop the microfinance sector.
dots Operate in a fully transparent and collaborative manner to build MFI performance and increase investor and public confidence in the sector.
dots Create an innovative and profitable financial institution with a stable and solid risk profile.
dots Ultimately increase access to finance for low-income people and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises throughout Indonesia on a massive scale to drive economic growth and reduce poverty.
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