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"Bank Andara has an expertise and mastering the small business aspect that ease us to establish further communication in relates with the fund distribution strategy that we have developed."


Slamet Riyadi
Owner and Managing Director of KOMIDA




"Bank Andara has similar vision and mission with the Village Cooperative (KUD),
which is to promote the community’s prosperity especially in rural areas. Bank Andara may help to provide the financial access to those underserved through its products. We do hope that after in partnership with Bank Andara, It will help us in improving the technological innovation and financial access to the community for our 7,000 members."


H. Suhartanto
Board Chairman  of KUD Sembada Puspo
Pasuruan, East Java





"We have been mentoring and coaching many of our customers since beginning that their businesses grow bigger. However, after the business grows big, they are taken by commercial banks but it is OK, we proud of being able to help their business.  And I believe the Bank Andara will never take our customers."


Bapak Wahidin Hutapea
President Director of  PT BPR Nusantara Bona Pasogit (NBP) 32
Karawang, West Java





"The training provided by Bank Andara is very good and should be held as often as possible, especially training that will improve our members’ income. Our members are very enthusiastic about the training."


Branch Manager Koperasi Karya Usaha Mandiri (KUM)
Bogor, West Java