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MICRA, or the Microfinance Innovation Center for Resources and Alternatives, is an Indonesian foundation focused on development of the microfinance sector. MICRA’s mission is to build the institutional strength and outreach of the Indonesian microfinance sector, by providing a full range of high-quality, best-practice technical inputs and support to all industry stakeholders, in a sustainable and demand-driven manner. As an independent support center, MICRA is committed to promoting innovations, transparency, and improved outreach to the poor and ever-improving performance in the microfinance industry.

MICRA was founded by Mercy Corps in early 2006 to institutionalize its joint “Commercial Linkages Pilot Project” with IFC PENSA. MICRA currently includes six technical units: 1) Ratings and Appraisals; 2) Technical Assistance; 3) Financial Services; 4) Research and Innovations; 5) Networking and 6) MIS. In August 2006, MICRA opened its first branch office in Banda Aceh, where it has on-going programming for a range of clientele.