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What is AndaraLink?

AndaraLink is a MFI network created by Bank Andara in an effort to provide an integrated technological support for MFI partners to provide access to financial services for low income people

Who can utilize AndaraLink services?

Customers and non customers of MFI.

Why use AndaraLink?

Because Bank Andara’s main business focus which is to expand access to financial services through MFI in terms of product development, service and technology are through AndaraLink

AndaraLink Benefits:
a. Easy and quick access to a quality banking products and services
b. Available in various devices such as Electronic Data Capture (“EDC”), Website as well as smart phone
c. Easy to operate, no need special skill or expensive maintenance
d. Supported by an extensive network of MFIs incorporated in AndaraLink partners
e. MFIs can conduct cross selling of the product itself to users who are not customers AndaraLink

What are features/services from AndaraLink?

  1. Domestic Remittance
    Is a service to send money to any account at commercial banks in Indonesia by using the mechanism of regular or express. Can also use for credit card bills/monthly mortgage payment.
  2. Cash to Cash
    Is a service to send and receive money at all MFI partners within AndaraLink network.
  3. Monthly Billing Payment
    Customer or non customer of MFI are able to pay monthly billing payment at MFI office or customer’s residence (by request), monthly billing payment such as:
    a. Electricity (PLN)
    b. Telkom (home phone, pre paid phone Flexi and Telkom Speedy)
  4. Payment Collections
    Is a money deposit service to customer’s account at MFI through MFI’s field staff.

Where are coverage area of AndaraLink?

AndaraLink services are available at all MFI partners in AndaraLink network within Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB), Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT), Sumatera Selatan and Sulawesi Selatan.

For further information, please contact:
Customer Service
Jakarta   : (021) 526 07 07
Denpasar: (0361) 227 721 - 4
Email      :