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What is TABARA Bisnis?

Tabara Bisnis is a savings product with the flexibility of Bank Andara high to accommodate the business needs of the individual customer and the MFI

Who is eligible to open TABARA Bisnis account?

•    Individual
•    Microfinance institutions
•    Institutions/Corporate

What is TABARA Bisnis?

Tabara Bisnis is one profitable investment instruments with a variety of advantages including easy requirements compare to opening deposits, make it easier for customers to control financial flow. In addition also get free monthly administration fee and competitive interest rates.

Other benefits, such as:

Less complicated account opening requirements either for individual/MFI/institution customers.  


Get the flexibility to withdraw money anytime you want – according to your needs with TABARA Bisnis  

Your fund is secure and guaranteed by Lembaga Penjamin Simpanan (LPS)

Free monthly administration fee
All TABARA Bisnis customers are free of monthly administration charge

Free gift

Get a free souvenir* for every TABARA Bisnis account opening
*while stock lasts

What are requirements to open TABARA Bisnis account?

  1. Individual: KTP and NPWP (optional)
  2. Institutions: SIUP, NPWP, Akte Pendirian Perusahaan and the latest revision 
  3. Opening balance minimum of Rp 1.000.000 (One million Rupiah)
  4. Next deposit minimum of Rp 500.000 (Five hundred thousand Rupiah)


For further information, please contact:
Customer Service
Jakarta    : (021) 526 07 07
Denpasar : (0361) 227 721 - 4
Email       :