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Gathering Of Bank Andara and BPR Region 3 Cirebon

Fri February 12,2016

To maintain good relations with BPR (Rural Bank) partners, Bank Andara Jakarta branch held a gathering at Grage Hotel Cirebon Thursday (11/2) and was attended by several major BPR in Cirebon, Indramayu, and Kuningan. This activity is also to introduce of Bank Andara products. Also filled with motivational sessions by the Head of Business Bank Andara, Ade Iwan Darmawan, which theme "Positive Behavior Employees In Achieving Business Development Bank" and played video "Leadership in Facing Challenges". This event is expected to Jakarta branch of Bank Andara can expand its market to achieve business targets in 2016.


Chairman of the Council Perbarindo Cirebon, Mukmin, SH., Welcomed the event. According to him, this gathering is good to encourage BPR on improved performance in 2016. This gathering is covered by one of the leading media in Cirebon "Radar Cirebon" published on Friday 12/02/2016.


After the event Andara Team held a business visit to one of the largest rural banks in Indramayu which is a debtor of Bank Andara, PD BPR Karya Remaja. On that occasion the present Managing Director and Director of the BPR.