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AndaraLink provides voucher for MFI member AndaraLink

Tue June 14,2011


Since AndaraLink officially launched on April 28, 2011, coincided with the Bank Andara 2nd anniversary celebration.  AndaraLink continue to achieve success with hundreds of MFIs member. In addition AndaraLink partners gain marketing materials such as uniforms, X-banner, banners and others. Partner AndaraLink well pampered with gifts shopping vouchers to the officer MFI who conduct transactions via AndaraLink.


As an award-winning "Loyalty Customer to Banks Andara", BPR Dana Multi Guna is one of several partners who have successfully obtained AndaraLink shopping vouchers with applicable promotional period since April 2011. BPR Dana Multi Guna in addition to showing loyalty in terms of the transaction, but also support in terms of joint marketing programs. This is evidenced with the implementation of "AndaraLink Day" where they wear AndaraLink uniforms every Thursday.


Ibu Wiwik, as BPR Dana Multi Guna officer who has won shopping vouchers reward for two consecutive months to capitalize an EDC tool for AndaraLink transaction. In the second position in this reward program is Linda and Ayu from BPR Rama Ganda who also managed to collect vouchers for two consecutive months. The next position, won by Ni Kadek Sri Parwati from BPR Tata Anjung Sari.


Rewards program through voucher is deliberately organized by Bank Andara in order to enliven the AndaraLink launch, as well as giving awards for partners who have been actively involved in developing this joint service.

MFI Reward Winner of Shopping Vouchers

Voucher Winner “Caecilia Wiwik” as user Supervisor of BPR Dana Multi Guna


 Front liner in BPR Dana Multi Guna using AndaraLink uniform



Voucher Winner Ayu as user (Left) and Linda as Supervisor of BPR Rama Ganda



Voucher Winner Ni Kadek Sri Parwati as operator of BPR Tata Anjung Sari