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Bank Andara Third Anniversary Celebration

Tue May 22,2012

On Saturday (21/4) about 50 AndaraCrew  gathered in the Plaza Bapindo, Sudirman and prepared to leave to Taman Impian Jaya Ancol in North Jakarta. They were present to celebrate the third anniversary of Bank Andara and company gathering. The event begins at  Ecopark, Ancol with Team Building game that consists of five games The Bulldozer, Magic Carpet, Hulahoop Race, Opposite, and Stick Transfer. After playing Team Building, High Rope outbound session was continued until late afternoon. Outbound High Rope itself is going very challenging, because it consists of two lines which are both not easy to passed.

Seemed to not run out of energy, in the evening held the third Anniversary of Bank Andara in Jimbaran Resto, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. In the event with dinner gathering format opened with speech by Mr. David Yong, CEO of Bank Andara candidate, Mr. Don Johnston, Business Director and Mr. M. Fadly, Jakarta Branch Manager. Then cutting Tumpeng as a symbol and thanksgiving for the third anniversary of Bank Andara is done by Mr. David, Mr. Don, and Mr. Syarief, Head of Business.

The event was lively with the appearance of Andara Acoustic Band fronted by chaca (IT Dept), Mr. Phera (Business Dept.), and Demang (Business Dept.). The excitement felt when Mr. David and Mr. Don donated a song from the legendary band; Bee Gees and John Lennon. At the closing ceremony performed while blowing candles together to reflect on what we have been together for three years and sow hope for the future of Bank Andara.

Semarang AndaraCrew enliven the third anniversary of Bank Andara with rafting on the River Ello, and lunch at Kampoeng Ulu, Magelang on 20-21 April. The first day, AndaraCrew Semarang make fun games as a warm-up before undergoing a more exciting event the next day, the rafting on the Ello river .

The second day of rafting at the Ello rver. Anniversary event closed with the peak of the inflatable candles, cut the cake and having lunch together and attended by Mr. Irianto Kusumadjaja, Director of IT & Operations.

Meanwhile, AndaraCrew Surabaya also held a birthday celebration Bank Andara for two days (20-21 April 2012) in Kaliandra Sejati, Prigen, Pasuruan. The third anniversary of Bank Andara is followed by 12 AndaraCrew Surabaya and attended by Mrs. Irene Hamidjaja, Director of HR & Compliance as a representative of the Board of Director (BOD). The event begins with dinner at Kaliandra Sejati as the celebration of anniversary Bank Andara. Then, the next day paintball event continues with the High Ropes outbound at the same place.

AndaraCrew Bali seemed not to be outdone in the anniversary celebration held the third Bank Andara. The event was held on Saturday (28/4) and starts at 05.00 am. The event begins with trekking through the rice fields and steep road. In addition to warm up the adrenaline, trekking is also a warm up before you start rafting. Rafting on the Tlaga Waja River performed for 2.5 hours with the distance of 16 km and its the longest in Bali.

After rafting continued lunch at Mahagiri Restaurant which is located at the foot of the slopes of Mount Agung with a beautiful view. In this session also inserted Staff Award by Mr. David Yong to the winner: Mrs. Ketut Suwarmi.

The culmination of a B3P Celebration held at the Garuda Wisnu Kencana and starts at 18:30 pm. Starting speech by Mr. Iwan Kusuma as KKPO and Mr. David Yong as a candidate for CEO of Bank Andara. After having dinner as ceremony, all AndaraCrew Bali making a circle while contemplating the achievement that has been passed along.