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Andara Smart Goes To Bandung

Tue December 1,2015

Date 19-21, 2015, Bank Andara realize Andara Smart Program Goes to Bandung once held a customer gathering together Partners Denpasar branch of Bank Andara. Andara Smart Goes to Bandung attended by participants from 16 MFIs 25 people consisting of 10 BPR comes from Bali, East Nusa Tenggara, East Java and North Sulawesi, 2 and 4 Cooperative of Bali Village Credit Institutions (LPD) in Bali. Agenda staple in Andara Program Smart Goes to Bandung is training with the theme "360º Leadership Transformation, Developing Leadership within You" along with Ketut wiratama a motivator of Bali.

In addition to training activities, other agenda is the study of culture by visiting Angklung Mang Udjo the art show. In the studio Angklung Mang Udjo participants also learned to play the angklung guided by the instructor directly by playing a few songs regional, national or international.

A visit to the city of Bandung, is not complete without visiting the shopping area either in the area or Cibaduyut Dago area. During the 3-day program of activities Andara Smart Goes to Bandung was elected I Komang Ardana as a the best Leader that is representative of KPN-Bina Sejahtera UNUD.

The second day the participants followed a tour in the city of Bandung and closed with a Gala Dinner in Sierra Café and Lounge, Peak Dago which is packaged in a Customer Gathering Bank Andara is followed by all participants Program Andara Smart (25 people) and participants BPR surveillance organized by Perbarindo Bali , The number of participants who took part in this surveillance are as many as 20 people consisting of 18 representatives of BPR and 2 of the secretariat Perbarindo Bali, bringing the total participants in the Customer Gathering as many as 45 people. The event begins with a dinner together accompanied by songs of entertainment that has been prepared by the committee. Attending the event Head of Business Division of Bank Andara, Ade Iwan Darmawan, President Director of Bank Andara, Darwin Wibowo, along with 2 observers representatives of Bank Andara potential investors - APRO Investment, then from Perbarindo Bali represented by Ngurah Gede Budiawan.