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Sat May 1,2010

Jakarta – Andara Bersama BPR is fund collection and management services which originated from the members of “Andara Bersama BPR” itself and from Bank Andara. The fund collection and management is intended to…More »

Fighting Poverty Takes Time and Commitment

Thu April 22,2010

Jakarta, 22nd April 2010 – Now celebrating its first anniversary, Bank Andara has shown its strong commitment and partnership to Indonesian Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), providing them with vital assistance and tools to deliver needs-focused…More »

Bank Andara First Anniversary

Bank Andara First Anniversary

Wed April 21,2010

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 which also coincided with the Kartini day, Bank Andara celebrate it first birthday. The event was held in a simple way and intimate which making more closely…More »

Bank Andara and the Indonesian Microfinance Sector Foster Strong Ties to Combat Poverty Together

Wed April 14,2010

Jakarta, 14th April 2010 – Microfinance is a proven way to help people move permanently out of poverty. The Indonesian Microfinance sector is one of the largest in the world, with more than 50,000…More »

Bank Andara empowers MFI partners to provide financial access to millions of low income unbanked Indonesians

Mon April 12,2010

Jakarta, 12th April 2010 –"Improving Indonesia’s economic position by fostering a broadly prosperous society, marked by increasing income per capita and relatively equal distribution of income, requires creative,…More »

Training for BPR Management, 2nd Batch

Training for BPR Management, 2nd Batch

Fri November 13,2009

Following the previous BPR management training in the last August, from 9 to 11 of November 2009, Bank Andara once again provided the program as the second batch. Attended by 40 participants, with these two batches totally…More »

MMDP - Training for BPR Managements

MMDP - Training for BPR Managements

Tue August 18,2009

In line with PT Bank Andara (“Bank Andara”) vision and mission as a bank committed in microfinance institution improvement and streghtening in Indonesia, the bank held a training for the clients BPR (Bank Perkreditan Rakyat) from…More »

Jakarta Branch Opening

Jakarta Branch Opening

Fri July 24,2009

3 months after Bank Andara officially launch and begin its operations with headquarter in Denpasar Bali, Bank Andara then expand its operation to Jakarta by opening a new branch. This branch was commenced after…More »

Bank Sri Partha Changes Its Name To Be Bank Andara

Mon April 20,2009

Jakarta, 20 April 2009 – Today, a bank which is focusing on Micro-Finance in Indonesia is launching a new name Bank Andara, which was formerly known as PT Bank Sri Partha (BSP). This launching…More »