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Tabara Bisnis is the RIGHT choice for individual customer or MFI who are more interested in high flexibility fund placement to accommodate business need. It’s definitely beneficial with attractive interest rate and FREE monthly administration, as well as secure and reliable.


  • Competitive interest rate
  • FREE monthly administration fee
  • Simple documents requirement especially for MFI
  • Flexibility to deposit and withdraw money according to your need
  • More convenient to arrange your cash flow



  • Beginning balance account opening minimum of Rp 1.000.000 (One million Rupiah)
  • Subsequent deposit minimum of Rp 500.000 (Five hundred thousand Rupiah)
  • Customers will receive the transaction details through Account Statement, will be printed based on customer demand and will be shipped to the customer or picked up at the nearest office of Bank Andara
  • Closing account charged of Rp 50.000 (Fifty thousand Rupiah)