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Bank Andara Loan

Bank Andara offers a range of loan products to help microfinance institutions (MFIs) provide better opportunities for their clients to access credit. The loan profiles would mainly to give more flexibility in amongst others: utilization, structure include tenure, direct or indirect loans, special financing to specific profiles of clients, guarantees, and collaterals.


MFI Direct Lending.


Bank Andara offers basic loan products that provide direct loans with flexible terms to legally established and rated MFIs to build their capital base. MFIs who obtain Bank Andara loans would possess a strong client base with solid growth opportunities. Loans are structured to meet MFIs and their client’s needs and requirements to minimize mismatch and liquidity issues.


Some of them are:

1.       Working Capital Loan BPR

2.       Working Capital Loan Cooperatives

3.       Reciprocal Deposit


MFIs directly benefit from Bank Andara direct lending through:

Fixed or floating pricing dependent on client profile.

Long loan tenure of up to 5 years.

Available grace periods dependent on client profile.

Repayment structure through balloon or fixed installments on a monthly and quarterly basis.

Working capital or investment loan types.

Flexible collateral depending on the overall risk profile of the MFI and their clients in cash, assignment of receivables, fixed assets and guarantees.