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Building Life through Paintings
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Bank Andara firmly committed to working with all of MFIs, particularly in the cities of Java and Bali, even the possibility of extending to cities in other islands, until to the corners of the city. This is not separated from the vision and mission of the Bank Andara to reduce poverty in Indonesia through collaboration with MFIs, and one of them was PD BPR Bangodua.

BPR Bangodua is one of Bank Andara’s clients which is placed in Indramayu. This BPR is focus on giving credit for agriculture and trading sector which is the main job who dominated by the community to fulfill their needed of life. However not only those two business sectors that are made by the community, namely Mr. Sahidin, one of the BPR Bangodua’s clients who is currently the success pioneer through painting.

As a painter who started his career after graduated art majors in 1992, Mr. Sahidin previous life was not same as today. Currently, his impressive expressionist ideology paintings have been appreciated for over 10 million by the collectors of paintings. Moreover, he even followed painting exhibition at the Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta in 2004, a painting exhibitions that are difficult to be penetrated by the painter.
Pak Sahidin already making a profit from his paintings since the first grade junior high school and became a professional painter in 1995, however it cannot be denied that his hard work can be enjoyed starting from 2005, with the assistance from Mr. Iwan, a friend belong in the same band, who also work in BPR Bangodua (Indramayu), which is Bank Andara’s partner. When Mr. Sahidin faced a financial problem, Mr. Iwan came to offer credit lending. "Initially, I doubted and afraid to borrow, because I feared could not repay it", said Mr. Sahidin.
In the end, Mr. Sahidin dared to take the credit lending with his valuable asset, a piece of land as the collateral. "Perhaps, it’s because of the emotional closeness with Mr. Iwan as the same band member since 1992, therefore he trust me that I am capable to pay my loan, as long as we pay the monthly installment routinely, yah…be orderly”, said Mr. Sahidin continuously.
Nowadays, with the result of loan and his hard work, Mr. Sahidin not only can build a house, but also builds his personal painting studio. Currently, he already get 8 regular collectors, one of them is the Director of Orang Tua Group, and he sets his target to get 15 regular collectors, because for a painter, the formula to have a safe and steady life, at least you have to get 15 regular collectors.
Most of the themes paintings which are highly interest and sold out are harvest painting and market painting. In his opinion, a harvest painting implies results, and a market painting implies partners. "Collector said, an ideal home should have harvest or market paintings, which will give you a good sign of fengshui. Even, there is an offer of 45 million rupiah, and that painting has been sold. Painting business is a mystery business. For example is a painter namely Nyoman Masriadi. At the beginning, his paintings were priced only in hundred-thousands, but now it has reached billions of rupiah", explains Mr. Sahidin.
Painter who had studied painting for 40 years, reveal his business constraints “I faced several obstacles in running this business, one of them are the process of selling the paintings that is not easy because I had to find a buyer or trying to find a maniac collector or the galleries that are willing to sell my paintings, I wish there was a collector who bought directly with a large quantity like one of my customers from the Parent Group and foreigners collector who came from America, England and Holland."
For Mr. Sahidin who used credit loan facility amounting to 25 million rupiah, he is hoping that banks pay attention to small entrepreneurs like himself, when he started his career. "The paradigm of banking must be changed, because previously banks tend to be reluctant to lend credit for the poor people like me, probably because of lack of trust. My hope, that all banks should put attention on these kind of issues correctly. If possible, I have an idea that painting can be used as collateral in the bank… hehehe", joked Mr. Sahidin.
Not only that, Mr. Sahidin was also hoping that someday he could perform a show with the concept of painting with the voice of brush rhythm on canvas. From the show, there are three aspects that Mr. Sahidin would like to offer. First of all, paintings become a show, then secondly, audio visual become a rhythm that can be enjoyed, and third, the results of the creative process of painting that has been made and can be sold. In his opinion, those kind of show probably the first show in Indonesia, even in the world. "Well ... I hope there are banks willing to help me to make this happen”, Mr. Sahidin expectations for the second time.
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