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Time Deposit.

Bank Andara offers savings and investment products to facilitate demand from MFI. The products would be guaranteed by LPS (Depository Insurance Institution) for third party funds including time deposits. The products would feature:

dots Competitive pricing to match the market.
dots The ability to use the savings or investments as collateral.
dots Eligible savings for MFIs with collective clients
dots Available current accounts with the flexibility to meet business requirements that include checking/giro payments and settlement accounts.

Bank Andara time deposits are another way for MFIs and other institutions and individuals to invest. Time deposits provide better alternative financial investment to meet objectives. Time deposits to institutions, mainly social investors, would serve their objectives of developing MFIs in Indonesia. The time deposit funds would be channeled for investments in loans and any other financing formats to build the strength of MFIs. Beyond it’s benefits to MFIs, institutional investors would likewise benefit from Bank Andara time deposits by gaining exposure, management and control with a secure government guarantee program.
To the MFI, Time Deposits could be filled in as mismatch liquidity function. This would enable the MFI to make placements during its cash liquid time while keeping profitable return.

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